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Episode 9

Published on:

6th May 2020

Wild Diaries - May Updates from Around the World

Welcome to Wild Diaries, the monthly roundup of wildlife sightings and happenings in the natural world from around the globe.

Stop and think for a moment, just what is happening right now out there in those wild places you would love to visit?

Welcome the Wildlife & Wilderness Travel & Safaris show, the world’s first and only podcast on wildlife safaris worldwide and sustainable tourism. This show’s for everyone interested in eco-tourism, travel in the natural world and adventures to our planet’s wild places.

I’m your host, Dr. Steve Banner, biologist and Director of the travel company, Wildlife & Wilderness, providing high quality holiday experiences to thousands of clients for almost 25 years.

For our second monthly news I’m delighted to again host some of the owners of small camps and lodges, just a few of the many that we work with to provide you unique experiences. As I’ve said before our tailor made holidays are always guided by what interests you.

If you are planning your future travels do check out our website at or contact us by email

First off, we hear from Fredrik at Aurora Safari Camp in Swedish Lapland.

@ 01:58 Fredrik talks a little about his background and introduces us to his small glamping location in the heart of northern Sweden. He is a keen photographer and regularly sees the northern lights in Winter. Now is a change of season and they have been testing a new product for next winter – the only hot air ballooning in Lapland. Ballooning over Lapland by day and the northern lights at night. Incredible!

@14:05 Tyrone talks from Musekese safari camp about their latest sightings including new lion cubs to strengthen the local pride, the return of the elephants as the African bush of Kafue National Park dries out and the bird life still present on the lagoon in from of camp.

Tyrone and his business partner Phil have also launched their own podcast, inspired by the Wildlife & Wilderness Travel & Safaris show they now host The Elephant’s in the Room! Check it out on your favourite podcast app.

@19:25 Jehan has some very unusual visitors to Kanha National Park in India. We had a few issues with power cuts so we pick up his story again but you do not miss anything. Hopefully we’ll pick up on the elephants in Kanha next time before the national park closes for the monsoon.

On the other side of the world is Tim McGrady from Farewell Harbour Lodge who was with us on the last Episode talking about Bears & Whales in Canada. He’s back with us with another recent story.

@25:48 he tells of a mischievous bear that they catch and unusually move and release back into the wild. However, it does not have a happy ending although the lessons learnt will be valuable in the future for bear conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest of Canada’s west coast.

@35:16 Finally, we join Giuliano back in the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil where at Aymara Lodge a mother caiman is moving her babies, the jaguar still seems to like the road and Giuliano is planning The Big Sit 24h bird watching.

We look forward to bringing you further updates from around the world next month.

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